Got this message on facebook today from a kid I used to babysit in college who’s now a professional magician. I don’t think a lot of people encouraged him at the time, but I always tried. I’m glad it paid off. This made my day!

Just settled Daniel into his first ever college apartment. He’s on his own now and I finally know how my parents felt they day they dropped me off at college. I had to do everything in my power not to cry when I left. This is the first time my house has been empty in a LONG time. I don’t know what to do! I’ll be heading out this weekend for some much needed “me” time. Then more guests at The H.C.! #emptynest

It’s been four years since Macky ( went away to Princeton to study math. That’s when I took this video of him juggling and solving the Rubik’s Cube at the same time: 
Now’s he’s back in California getting ready to start the PhD program at Stanford, and he’s made a detour tonight to stay at the world famous Hotel Careyfornia. :-) We’re happy to have him! More here.

Daniel solves the Rubik’s Cube one handed for Hannah, as Jessica & David look on. He considers this slow…we consider it superhuman. (He can also do it blindfolded). :) 

Sunset From My Sunroof: Driver’s Ed Edition

For once I wasn’t doing the driving! My mantra remains, “Do as I say, not as I do!”

More here.

Spent the whole day in #Pasadena touring #Daniel’s new college, looking for an apartment for him and #teaching him to #drive. Ended the day with a #sushi #dinner in #Weho. (Taken with Instagram)

4th of July Parade and Independence Day Street Fair. Heading to the fireworks in Dana Point soon. Happy 4th. More here.

Daniel is back at The Hotel Careyfornia for the summer until school starts, so we went to Arcadia’s famous dumpling house to mark the occasion. So full, but so good! More picture here.

At #DinTaiFung #Dumpling House in #Arcadia with @wicked_fable (#Daniel). #NomNom #chinesefood #greenbeans #dtf (Taken with Instagram)