Happy 1st Birthday Livy!

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Thanks to everyone for their kind messages and phone calls today. Thanks especially to Bassam, Liana, Eva, KJ, Ryan & Mina for a very special birthday! GLY! xoxo

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My 48th birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but Lisa brought the boys to my office this morning to surprise me with a giant cookie. Then Jennifer took me out for sushi tonight and we had dessert with the kids. Great day!

I’m honored that you accepted the nomination on my birthday Mr. President! Sorry I couldn’t be there!

Claudio’s birthday was a 44 alarm fire!

Making Claudio’s birthday cake. I think they had more frosting on their faces than on the cake! :-) More here.

Happy #SweetSixteen #Mia! This was you #16 years ago today. Everyone was so happy when you arrived. My #dog #Oreo knew you were going to be born and started following your Mom around and protecting her the night before. Happy #Birthday #Baby Boobie! ;-) More pics here: http://tinyurl.com/czyejm8 (Taken with Instagram at Champaign Il)