Wienie Roast, S’mores and a sunset at San Clemente State Beach for Thursday Family Dinner!  More here.

Celebrating Cole & Tressa’s birthdays!

I tried an experiment tonight and told the kids that there would be no electronics at dinner. No iPads, phones, gameboys, wii’s, segways, cb radios, etc. LOL They resisted hard…asking for dozens of exceptions, but I held firm. What would we talk about? What if there was nothing to talk about? The possibilities were bone chilling. Luckily I had saved a bunch of Euro coins for them from my trip earlier this week and I took the opportunity to give them the coins at dinner. That sparked wonderful questions and an informative session about the Euro and other world currencies. I even told them the story of when I was in Austria, the day the Euro became legal tender. They were fascinated. Later, we went to BJ’s for pizzookie deserts and they had a blast spinning the coins on the table, making a game out of it, circa 1914. When I asked if they had fun, they slipped for a moment and said yes! :-) I threatened to make all future Thursday Family Dinners “electronics free”, though I’m not sure I’d ever get to talk to Lisa! :)

More here.

Dojo: Andrew, get in a flamingo stance
Andrew: I forgot how.
Dojo: How do flamingos stand?
Andrew: On one leg.
Dojo: What color are flamingos?
Andrew: Pink 
Dojo: Why are they pink?
Andrew: Because they’re pink.
Dojo: Buy why?
Andrew: I don’t know.
Dojo: It’s because they eat shrimp.
Andrew: Wait, if people eat shrimp, they turn pink?
Dojo: No if flamingos eat shrimp they turn pink. But come to think of it, your face is pretty pink. You must have been eating shrimp.
Andrew: No, I forgot to put sunscreen on my face, but I’m not a flamingo.

While Lisa and Joel celebrated their 15th Anniversary, the boys and I went to IHOP and had breakfast for dinner! Happy Anniversary!

Dinner with Andrew & Hudson!

Breakfast at the “W”. 5 Stars!